Skin Consultation

This 40minute skin consultation can be done Online or in-person.We will work through your skin concerns and create a plan that suits your unique skin type. Looking at the skin holistically, Katie considers both health and skin appearance to create the balance that’s required for the skin to thrive.

Designed to deliver sustainable results, your plan will  provide you with the knowledge to keep your skin barrier balanced and concerns met. Using result-driven methods and high-performance products, your routine will be completely tailored to you.


Please fill out your consultation form prior to your appointment, from which we will gather information about your skin. It's important to mention your current routine and the products you use, whilst also highlighting any skin concerns and goals. 


The time short, digital nomads and those that favour fuss-free solutions. Katie’s online consultation provides you with a plan that is easy to follow.

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The Bespoke 

Created exclusively to meet your skin’s unique needs, the ‘Bespoke’ is a multi-method treatment designed to enhance skin health and appearance.With high-performance techniques, gentle touch and methods backed by science, this is an all-encompassing facial. The bespoke can be tailored for all skin types and concerns to meet your goals. This 75 minute treatment can include extractions, light peels, enzymes exfoliation, multi-masks depending on what your skin needs at the time of visit. Following your treatment, your skin will feel deeply cleansed, nourished, hydrated and bright.


Express Bespoke

Get everything your skin needs from the bespoke, in just 45-minutes. If you're on the go and short on time then this express facial is perfect for you. Following treatment, both the skin and mind are uplifted, tell-tale post-flight signs erased, and a sense of calm is restored to the body. 


Ageing well, preventative, radiance, bride-to-be, red carpet events 


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Signature Luxury Facial

The Signature Luxury Facial offers the maximum amount of hands-on skin time. This 120 minute facial provides both immediate and
long-term results by working deep within the skin from the dermal to epidermal level, detoxing the lymphatic system and tightening pores.  Methods may include deep pore cleansing, Sculpting and buccal massage, exfoliation and more. The final step is LED light therapy, to boost results, reduce inflammation and promote fantastically rejuvenated looking and feeling skin. 



Avoid Retinols 48hours before
Avoid sun exposure 
No botox for 2 weeks before 
No filler for 4 weeks before
Avoid any facial waxing 48 hours before your facial

This skin experience is best for those who want deliberate and ultimate indulgence and relaxation during their stay at the hotel, or as part of an ongoing skin journey to improve skin for the long term.

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The ultimate sculptural facial lift with buccal massage

Using renowned facial massage techniques, this unique treatment will increase circulation and detox the skin and muscles. Using Buccal massage, this treatment works intra orally, releasing tension in the jaw, stimulating the muscles in the face and creating lymphatic drainage and oxygenation, for a naturally lifting effect. This 80-minute treatment uses advanced techniques and is as beneficial to the skin and body as it is to the mind. While the massage leaves the skin looking firmer, brighter and smoother, it also encourages you to enter into a deep relaxation and let go of all of the tension that you hold in your face and jaw.


Deep relaxation and a natural alternative to a facelift. A pre-event boost, leaving the skin glowing and muscles tension free. 

No botox for 2 weeks before 
No fillers for 4 weeks before 


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A unique approach to Micro-needling, the Micro-needling/ Growth Factors + LED treatment is gentle and focuses on healing. Also known as ‘collagen induction therapy’, Micro-needling encourages the skin to naturally regenerate at an accelerated level, to reduce sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles and scarring.

Including a deep cleanse, light exfoliation, skin prep and hyaluronic acid, delivered deep into the epidermis, the AnteAGE Md Growth Factors Solution elevates the treatment. Dermalux LED is the final step to naturally boost collagen production, calm redness and sensitivity.

Three days of post-treatment downtime is required, so micro-needling should be avoided when travelling, or before an event or night out.


Fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin that’s low in elasticity, visible pores, acne scars, stretch marks and hyperpigmentation. 

If you are new to KE at The Nomad I would advise you to book a consultation prior to booking this treatment, so we can achieve optimal results.

Typically, a course of three to six sessions is required, depending on your own unique needs.

Not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women - please get in touch for some alternative treatments. 

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Skin Peels

Working with the skin, not against it, The Peel accelerates the natural process of exfoliation. Created to deliver impressive results for long term skin health. Using key ingredients such as mandelic, salicylic, lactic, or retinoids, each peel will be carefully selected for your skin type. Offering light to deep level peels means it is also Suitable for sensitive skin. 
Particularly good for overall radiance, improving texture, ageing and pigmentation. 


Dull skin that needs a boost, congestion, pigmentation and scaring. 

There are several high-end peels to select from, chosen specifically for your skin. Please book a consultation in advance of booking a peel, to assess your skin and understand your concerns and goals, to ensure the best results possible from your peel. Please note it is not possible to have a peel without a consultation first. 

Not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women  please get in touch for alternative treatments. 

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Considered to be three times more powerful than other LED methods, Dermalux is a non-invasive treatment that will naturally enhance skin health. Requiring no downtime, this scientifically proven treatment is tailored to suit your unique needs, concerns and goals.

Using a combination of Red, Blue and Near Infrared wavelengths, this treatment naturally boosts collagen production, calms redness and sensitivity, increases hydration, and has an anti-bacterial effect, with an added therapeutic effect. Dermalux can be carried out on its own, or added to another treatment, and includes a simple cleanse to start, and sunscreen to finish.


Acne, redness and inflammatory skin conditions. An alternative to more invasive treatments, without the downtime. 

There is no necessary prep for your Dermalux treatment, however please note you may not be able to have this treatment if:

You have epilepsy or seizures triggered by light, or active cancers
You are taking medications that come with a risk of increased light sensitivity, this includes: some antibiotics, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis medication, chemotherapy, anti-arrhythmic & heart conditions medications, oral and topical retinoids, neuroleptic & antipsychotic medication.

Not safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women - please get in touch for some alternative treatments. 

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Emily Palmer

Katie has changed my skin in just a couple of sessions. I have had regular facials before but this feels different as Katie really knows skin and tailors her treatments to you personally. Her ongoing guidance and advice on my at home routine in between appointments is just one of the things that makes this experience so different to a salon. Couldn’t recommend Katie highly enough, I always look forward to my treatments.

Sinead Crompton

My experience with Klin Beauty has been one of the best! I feel completely relaxed by Katie’s gentle touch and know I’m in safe hands with any treatment. I have seen a drastic improvement in my skin within a short period and feel I am always receiving a 5 star service! Would highly recommend anyone to go there.


Such a relaxing and glowing facial by Katie! Would highly recommend. Very professional, and tailored exactly to my skin, and Katie explains what each item is doing. Perfect as a treat or to get into a good skin routine!

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